10 things to know for Fiesta Mayor Sitges 2018

 Let’s start with a great offer from Utopia Villas for this magical Fiesta Mayor Sitges

  1. Utopia Villas is offering up to 30% off available villas for this year’s Fiesta Mayor. Some villas available on the Seafront with views of the spectacular fireworks Display on Thursday 23 August – the eve of the Patron Saints Day.

Fiesta Mayor Sitges has 2 Patron Saints.

2.  Fiesta Mayor Sitges takes place from 19th until 26th August in celebration of Sant Baromeu and the second Fiesta Mayor in Sitges takes place in September in celebration of Santa Tecla.

3.  Fiesta Mayor Sitges has been declared a traditional and cultural event of interest by the Generalitat of Catalunya.

4.  There is a huge programme of events including workshops for kids, dances, Dressing the Gigants, Castellers, the list is endless during the 8 days of this Fiesta.

The fireworks of Fiesta Mayor Sitges CANNOT be missed!! 

5.  The most enjoyed and celebrated event tends to be the Fireworks display on Thursday 23 August at 23:00 – you can take yourself and your picnic to the beach or indeed you can reserve a seat for 5 euros with a free glass of Cava courtesy of Perbacco if you like to have things more organised

6.  Check out the full programme of events for Fiesta Mayor Sitges 2018 on the visitsitges.com website. There is a huge amount of information available.

7.  This Fiesta is noisy and full of firecrackers and fire – make sure your little ones are up for it as it is not for the faint hearted.

Terminology for Fiesta Mayor Sitges

8.  Words you will need to be familiar with to appreciate the Fiesta include ‘Castellers’ – Human Towers, ‘Gegants’ – huge dolls statues which are paraded around the town with gusto, ‘cabecuts’ – the large heads only costumes, ‘Drac; – Dragon, ‘Diables’ – the fire spouting devils, ‘Bastons’ – piece of wood used in traditional dances, ‘Gitanes’ gypsies that dance throughout the town.  ‘La vigilia’ – The Eve… when most of the action happens,

9.  If you are in Sitges, you really have to see the parade – get into town for 2pm on Thursday and you will see all of the characters in action.

10.  If you haven’t already booked your accommodation for Fiesta Mayor Sitges. You need to contact www.utopia-villas.com and get up to 30% off available villas. It is a fiesta that is not to be missed. It’s crazy. It’s full of Fire & Fun!