So you have decided to spend a week or two on holiday with another family (or families).  What a fantastic, fun and fabulous idea!  But how do you make sure that it is an amazing and positive experience?  When you book a family villa, follow these guidelines to guarantee a downright, first-rate haven with people you love to spend time with.

Family Villa Francina

Where should your family villa be located?

If we are talking families, then that usually means children are involved too.  If your children are entertained and are happy then the adults are 95% of the way to being happy themselves.  Make sure that your holiday destination has plenty for the kids and the adults to do.  We of course love Sitges as a destination for this exact reason.  Here are some of the family activities available in Sitges:

  • 17 beautiful sandy beaches
  • over 300 restaurants
  • shopping in the boutiques all through the town
  • Water sports galore like hiring a boat, sailing, kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding and more
  • Horse Riding
  • Golf
  • Inflatables in the ocean in the summer
  • Hot air balloons, bike tours and tours of the vineyards
  • and loads more

The other great thing is that Sitges is only a 45 minutes train ride into Barcelona where you can find another whole world of fun!

For a more in depth look at all of the activities available in Sitges, have a read of our article on Family friendly Sitges.

Guest services at Utopia Villas can arrange any of the above for you.

Family in the surf in Sitges

What type of Villa should you rent?

When thinking about sharing your holiday with another family, these features of your family villa will make the experience a lot more fun:

  • A private fenced in garden so that the little ones (and big ones!) can run around to their heart’s content.
  • A swimming pool.  (all of our villas come with a private swimming pool)
  • Extras such as trampolines, balls and kids toys are fabulous to have.  Do ask us what we have available in each villa.
  • What is a family holiday without a BBQ every few days?
  • A large kitchen with all of the utensils you need will mean that you can cook whenever you want.  You don’t have to wait for the hotel kitchen to open.
  • High chairs and portable cots if needed.
  • Entertainment for rainy days such as a TV, Netflix, books and games.
Table tennis at La Hacienda

Many of our villas have table tennis, pool tables, trampolines and more fun for the whole family!

How do you make sure that everyone relaxes on your holiday?

When you are on holiday, the last thing you want is that one person is running around organising all the food and all of the children whilst the other adults are relaxing.

We can recommend some ways of making the food planning and preparation easy:

  • Before you arrive send us a list of your shopping needs.  We will have everything waiting for you when you arrive in the villa.  Think cold beverages and all of the shopping packed away in the cupboards!
  • Share our responsibility for the meals that are eaten in the villa.  That way everyone gets to relax.
  • Eat out a lot!  Sitges has over 300 restaurants in town which caters to any preference and taste!   Compared to other countries, eating out in Spain is relatively cheap.
  • Arrange a private chef for a superb dinner or BBQ a couple of times during your stay.  It is the perfect solution for a family!  The kids can run around and play while the adults enjoy being served a gourmet feast.
  • Make sure that you have lots of snacks and healthy fruit for the kids and adults.

Other tips to ensure a smooth vacation

  • Every family has different routines.  You might want to discuss a happy medium on bedtimes, mealtimes and mornings with your friends and family so that there are no surprises and the kids know the rules (or non existence of rules!).
  • Agree on the split of food, bills and the incidentals ahead of time.  We have found that the kitty system works well for grocery shopping and all of those little things come up.  After all you are on holiday – who wants to fret about money?
  • If cleaning and housekeeping is not your thing then make sure housekeeping comes to the house on a regular basis.

We hope that this has given you a few ideas on how to plan the most perfect time with your family and friends in a villa.   Enjoy your time.  Relax, drink, eat, laze about and laugh.  Life is so good together!

Lastly, you may enjoy reading some articles from some of our guests that holidayed in our family villas.  The articles are in Spanish and Norwegian but google translate will help you to read about the great time that they had.

Sheila from Palabra del madre enjoying Villa Francina with two families

Monica and her family enjoying Villa Laguna