A Spanish solution to a no deal BREXIT problem?

The no deal BREXIT headache continues.  As people, businesses and governments in the UK and across Europe prepare for a ‘no deal’ scenario, people are genuinely starting to look at all options.

45,000 Britons applied for Irish Passports in the first half of 2018. This is just the beginning of what people will do to maintain their rights as a European citizen!

What other options exist in the case of a no deal BREXIT?

Maybe the Spanish Golden Visa could be an option after a ‘no deal scenario’ when affluent Britons could consider citizenship off the back of a property investment.

The Spanish Golden Visa is polemic for a number of reasons. (available only to wealthy, money laundering etc) But it has provided a gateway for thousands of people looking to pursue or continue their relationship with Europe.

Since 2013 over 2 billion euros has been invested collectively in Spain through this scheme and Spain is Europe’s leading Golden Supplier Visa.

It was initially introduced to facilitate wealthy Chinese and Russian investors. It could be the Spanish solution to no deal BREXIT headaches by providing Spanish citizenship and therefore EU citizenship for a price.

This Visa would allow wealthy Britons and their dependents easy access to Europe. It would also allow you and your family to live and work in Spain as the visa would guarantee residency and citizenship.

The Requirements for investor visas are:

  • status as a non-EU National – in the case of a no deal Brexit this would apply to all Britons
  • Be of legal age (18)
  • To have no criminal record either at home or in Spain
  • Have sufficient financial means to support yourself and family
  • min fund 500,000 euros to invest in property

This is the minimum entry point. There are also visas granted in relation to Spanish Treasury bonds, shares in companies and Spanish banks accounts and min entry here is min 1,000,000 euros.

So, If you are fretting today about a no deal BREXIT and what that might mean for you and your family, you may want to consider the option of long term investment in Spain.

If you wish to speak about this option and making an investment please call us.

We are delighted to say that our rental business can cover the mortgage of your investment from day one.  Many of our customers have entered the Spanish property market by investing-to-let in this way.


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