Spring is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the many Barcelona festivals and other events that take advantage of the amazing weather!   Take some time off from your busy schedule and enjoy the optimal season in this beautiful part of Spain.

If you are planning a visit, we recommend booking yourself into a beautiful seaside or countryside villa in stunning Sitges. Spend time relaxing and enjoying the perfect Mediterranean temperature in Spring. Then make your way to Barcelona, only a 40-minute trip, where the spring festivals are in abundance.  Whether you prefer a more cultural experience or a party atmosphere, this is where you need to be.

Villas in Sitges

Gather all your friends and live in luxury for a while in stunning Villa Isla Cozumel, waking up to breath-taking views of the Mediterranean sea. This colonial mansion is a world class iconic dream, originally built in 1940 and recently refurbished. It sits on the beachfront promenade of Sitges, just waiting to be discovered.

Villa Cozumel in Spring

If you prefer the more traditional ambiance of a Masia, surrounded by the Garraf National Park, then Masia Pairal is the perfect place for you. Built over 250 years ago, this villa holds the old and new in perfect balance.  It is the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing getaway whilst being close enough for you to relish in the beaches and the beautiful town of Sitges.

Whichever villa you choose, it will be close enough for you to jump on a bus or train for a short trip to bustling Barcelona and it’s many Spring Festivals.

Barcelona Spring Festivals and Events

Festa de Sant Medir – March 3rd

This is a festival that is deeply rooted in tradition and celebration. Colls or groups of residences gather from Gracía/Sant Gervasi de Cassoles.  They make an annual pilgrimage to Sant Medir hermitage on horseback to be blessed by the saint. The story goes that in 1828, a baker by the name of Josep Vidal y Granés was suffering from an illness.  He pledged that if he was to get better he would make a pilgrimage to Hermita Sant Medir in honour of the saint.  Once his health improved, he kept his promise and made the trip throwing broad beans into the public on his return. Broad beans is what the saint was said to have sown. Over the years more and more people joined him on his spiritual journey and it is still honoured and celebrated to this day. However, the tradition has changed a little over the years.  You will be happy to learn that instead of broad beans, crowds gather to catch sweets thrown into the crowd. Why not fill yourself up on the sugar and enjoy the cercavila accompanied by music as the colls parade around the town.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Yes you are reading this correctly. Barcelona does indeed party like the Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day!  (I guess we have something to thank globalisation for.) There are a great number of Irish Pubs in Barcelona which will celebrate this lively occasion. Make sure you bring some green clothing, leave room for the beer and join in the revelry. If you don’t want to sit in a pub all day, then why not join the street party organised by Kitty O´Shea´s Pub in Les Courts. The Irish Pubs are not the only ones to celebrate this day so make sure to check out other locations too.

Girls celebrating St Patrick's Day

Festes de Sant Josep  Oriol  – weekend closest to 23rd March

We circle back here to a more cultural festival, also known as festa major of the Pi neighbourhood, held in the area surrounding the church of Santa Maria del Pi. This Barcelona Spring Festival is brimming with activities for all ages and tastes, and it is the perfect opportunity to witness the Gegants del Pi.

Over the three festive days you can shroud yourself in local culture as the legend of the saint is re-enacted for you. This is not all, the weekend includes processions with music, cercavila with the giants leading the way as well as their final dance which closes the festival.

If that is not enough, and you are here for the weekend prior to the festivities, then visit Santa Maria del Pi which puts on a theatrical retelling of the saint’s life. Many dress up in period costumes, including actors and musicians to teach those watching about the origins of this festival and the priest ́s life.

Rally Barcelona – Sitges

If you love cars and in particular those of the classic variety, then you will not want to miss this rally. Classic Car lovers gather in droves to drive their cars from Barcelona to Sitges along the spectacular coastal route. As an added bonus, the rules of the rally state that those taking part must dress up in accordance with the fashion at the time when the car was manufactured.

While you relax and follow the rally live from the comfort of your villa in Sitges, you will have time to take a short stroll to the Passeig, where the participants are met by the adoring public and authorities in order to admire the style and elegance of these cars.

Barcelona to Sitges Car Rally

Sant Jordi – 23rd April

This festival commemorating the death of St George is Catalonia´s counterpart of St. Valentines day. However, the tradition is slightly different. Yes, the men traditionally give women roses, but the women here also gift a book to their other half. Rightly so, the tradition has evolved, and there is no rule about who gives what to whom.  Sant Jordi is a very popular festival not only in Barcelona but all of Catalonia.  You can wander the packed streets where you may even have a chat to the authors or enjoy some live readings.   There are book signings or you can simply stock up on new reading material while savouring the flavours of Pa de Sant Jordi.  Cured sausage and cheese is sold sporting the colours of the Catalan Flag.

Primavera Sound

Saving the best until last, well for those of you who like to party. Primavera Sound has quickly become one of the most awaited and popular festivals in Europe. What started off as a small alternative indie music festival, has grown into a weekend featuring some of the best bands and DJ’s from around the world.  In 2020, Primavera Sound will take place from the 1st to the 7th of June.  This impressive festival hosts free ́Appetizer ́ shows during the weeks leading up to it.  You really don’t want to miss this one!