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Live Nativity Scene in Sant Pere Ribes

Live Nativity Scene

Live Nativity Scene in Sant Pere Ribes

Enjoying Christmas in Sitges involves plenty of novelties… Christmas morning drink on the beach,  Restaurants open on the 25th, listening to Sitges Canta in Palau Maricel, enjoy the Christmas market literally on the beach! The list is long. However, if you wish to do something with the whole family which is soaked in tradition and with religious connotations, read on! and visit the Live Nativity scene in Sant Pere de Ribes.

Where is the live Nativity scene this year?

Just at the back of Camils Hospital in Sant Pere de Ribes is the site of one of the largest live nativity scenes in all of Catalunia. This live Nativity Scene has been operational since 1988. The tradition of live nativity scenes has been practiced since the beginning of the 20th Century and is one that families enjoy as much today as they did then.

The nativity scene is always located somewhere picturesque, of architectural and natural interest and this year’s location in the midst of vineyards on the edge of Sant Pere de Ribes does not disappoint. With over 100 Actors and several animals from goats, horses and cows the scene is something to be enjoyed by all of the family. People move through quite rapidly and you can book your entry time to suit you day from 18:30 until 20.00

There are several sessions you can choose from to visit the Live Crib – they run from Christmas Day until the 28th December – all evening sessions so wrap up warmly and bring a torch.

Session for Chrismas Live Nativity Scene 2017:

25 de desembre a les 18.30, 19.00, 19.30 i 20.00 h
26 de desembre a les 18.00, 18.25, 18.50, 19.20 i 19.45 h
27 de desembre a les 17.45, 18.10, 18.40, 19.05 i 19.35 h
28 de desembre a les 17.45, 18.10, 18.40, 19.05, 19.35 i 20.00 h

You can buy tickets in advance on the following website:


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