Of course, when we think of Sitges, we think of sunny beaches with a backdrop of bright blue skies. We think of the streets and restaurants occupied with tourists and yes, that is what it is in the summer months. At this moment, something wonderful to contemplate is Sitges out of season.

While the hectic tourist season ends this small and wonderful city is like the gift !!

Benefits of Sitges out of season

Sitges Out of Season comes with a lot of benefits and it is worth considering if you are looking for a break for many reasons.

First of all you will pay less !! Great advantage! You will get better deals on everything from flights, cars and villa rentals. While paying less is a great benefit and your pocket with thanks, this is not the only reason to do so.

If you choose to go to Barcelona, ​​you can enjoy all the places of interest without getting lost in the tourist disorder. You can really enjoy the atmosphere of a city and its parks, museums and extravagant corners when you have the space to see where you are.

There is so much to see, the Parc Güell, the Gothic Quarter, the Sagrada Familia … the list is long, but out of season, you probably enjoy more of the sweltering heat and the bustling crowd.

Winter festivals

Sitges has a series of festivals during the off season, which are very nice. The International Film Festival, the International Rally, Patchwork Festival, Tapa a Tapa.

Again, almost every weekend there is something unique to do.

The winter in Barcelona is quite surprising also with the abundance of Christmas markets in the Plaza de la Catedral and the Sagrada Familia. During December and until January, Placa Catalunya also hosts a festive ice rink where adults and children can skate to their liking.

Barcelona is only 30 minutes away by car.

Won’t be cold?

The temperatures are pleasant all year round. They usually fall below 15 degrees, although there are some exceptions and last year there was a lot of rain. You will not need sunscreen and generally a light jacket is enough to keep you warm at night.

The beaches are empty during the day, you will undoubtedly have a few hours of sunshine without the worry of scalding.

Sitges is located near the Garraf Natural Park: https://parcs.diba.cat/es/web/garraf

This is wonderful out of season and allows you to explore nature without the extreme heat.

The service is much better!

The restaurants are not so busy, so of course their food and service come with much more attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Do something different, come to Sitges out of season.

Anyone who has read this blog and arrives between October 2108 and March 2019 will receive an additional 10% of the indicated price saying ‘I love Sitges out of season’.