Finally, making holiday plans is back on the priority list. And as you have a think about the best holiday for you and your family, think about a Spain villa holiday in 2021. There are some awesome reasons to choose a villa in Spain and great protections if circumstances change.

Will Spain be open for visitors in 2022?

We believe that we’ll be welcoming visitors this summer. While we don’t expect completely open borders, countries like the UK and USA will certainly be at the front of the queue. Vaccine passports and more effective testing are part of the Government’s plan to safely open up.

And, Spain’s vaccination rates are ramping up as COVID case numbers are falling. These promising numbers point to a path to opening up the country for the season.

All the signals from the authorities at the moment are very encouraging, and that is showing in our advanced bookings.

Where is best for a Spain villa holiday in 2022?

Spain has some wonderful regions to choose from, and we believe that Sitges, Barcelona is the jewel in the crown.

And why is Sitges the best place for your 2021 villa holiday?

  • It is a beautiful Mediterranean seaside town.
  • Don’t let the size fool you, there 300+ restaurants, and a selection of bars and nightclubs.
  • Pick from one of Sitges’ 17 beaches, endless hiking, sailing, horse riding, surfing, kayaking, and more. There are endless choices for your post-lockdown fix of fresh air and sunshine.
  • Enjoy browsing the boutique shopping in the beautiful old-town streets.
  • You’re just 45 minutes from Barcelona by train. Easily pop into one of Europe’s finest cities.
  • Our villa collection is unrivaled anywhere in Spain.

What makes a villa holiday so special?

There are six great reasons to choose a villa holiday in 2022.


Your party will have the place to yourselves. No worries about getting to the pool early, or finding somewhere to put your towel.


All our villas offer multiple dining areas, living spaces, and outdoor facilities. You’ll be able to gather or spread out exactly as you please.

Amenities and facilities

From in-villa chefs and yoga instructors to babysitters and tours we’ll arrange anything you need. And, if you want to see the area we can arrange a rental car, drivers, or buses to suit your group.

Your holiday, your timetable

You can organize home cooking, catering, dining out, or ordering at any time that suits you and your family. Spanish meal times are a little different to those in the UK and USA, but in a villa, you are in control.


A villa holiday in 2021 offers exceptional value. For groups, the prices often work out cheaper for your budget than a hotel. With your family or friends, you’ll create some priceless memories.


First and foremost, you hold the key to every single person that comes into the villa throughout your stay. And, you can decide how much contact you have with the world outside your doors.

In addition, Utopia Villas has stringent cleaning and hygiene standards in line with the COVID safety protocols of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

When to book your villa holiday for 2022

Spain is synonymous with summer holidays. And, July and August are justly famous. The days are hot, the nights warm, and the sea sparkles.

But, there is a secret that locals and regular visitors know well. After summer, as things quieten down, September and October are also wonderful times to visit.

In September the daily temperatures are just a couple of degrees below the summer highs. And, October still has an average daily temperature of a balmy 24C (75F) and days on the beach are beautiful. What’s more, the sea temperature in October is inviting, still around 20C (68F) before dropping off in November and December.

We’re already seeing interest in this season for villa holidays from UK visitors; someone must have spilled the beans!

What if things change?

Vacancy rates are dropping and prices are climbing as confidence grows. All those pent-up holidays!

But, what if this changes and you can’t travel. We know that it is hard to commit to plans right now, and flexibility is key.

We’ll refund any payment for any booking canceled within 28 days of travel if government-issued restrictions prevent you from traveling.

And, if restrictions mean you can’t travel, we’ll work with you to find available dates in the future that suit you.

Our standard terms and conditions are for a 30% deposit when you book, and the payment of the balance within six weeks of arrival.

What makes a Utopia villa special?

We’re lucky to have built up a collection of the finest luxury villas in the area.

Here are some of our favorites available for a holiday in 2021.

Villa Sofia

A quick stroll to the heart of Sitges and hop to the beach make Villa Sofia’s location unbeatable.

Villa Sofia in Sitges

Villa Laguna

The last work in elegance and luxury, Villa Laguna’s Mediterranean water views and style will impress the most jaded.

Luxury Villa Laguna in Sitges

Villa Koh Samui

The spacious gardens are so beautiful that we sometimes forgot to rave about the living areas. Villa Koh Samui offers retreat-like serenity just 15 minutes walk from the beach and town center.

Villa Koh Samui

Please feel free to explore the rest of our luxury villa collection here.

Time for your reward for getting through the last year

It has been the toughest of years. We feel you! But, there is real light at the end of the tunnel. And, after the year that has passed, you deserve some rest and some fun. A Utopia villa stay is just what 2021 needs to get you back on track.