The Utopia Villas Sitges luxury collection provides you with the ideal shooting location. The range and quality of the villas is the primary attraction, but choosing Sitges, Barcelona in Spain as your location shoot destination makes sense for so many reasons.

Why choose Spain for your location shoot?

Spain is a highly sought after shoot location. Major motion pictures have been shot here including recent films such as Solo:A Star Wars Story, The Man who Killed Don Quixote and The Sisters Brothers.  Award-winning TV series  such as Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, and Dr. Who are a few recent shoots.  Indoor photography, and advertisements for major brands from around the world are choosing Spain as a filming location because it is a compelling package.

Spain has reliable weather, with over 300 sunshine sunny days available for shooting on average

Spanish governments, both national and regional offer enticing tax breaks to productions that utilize local services. There are up to 20% tax rebates available to international shoots and additional incentives for local shoots.

There is access to a wide pool of highly skilled and technical excellent production professionals and production services. Equipment and services are readily available.

Barcelona’s audiovisual industry is one of the most developed in the country. Access to Sitges is easy for those based in Barcelona and many of the Barcelona audiovisual professionals have experience working in Sitges due to its popularity as a filming location.

Spain’s European Union status allows professionals from all E.U. countries easy access and visa for non-European citizens are easy to obtain as Spain is part of the SCHENGEN visa area.

Swimsuit shoot at Villa Malena

Swimsuit shoot at Villa Malena

Sitges and surrounds make for the perfect shoot location

Sitges is situated just 20 minutes from Barcelona’s El Prat International airport. The beautiful old town offers a wonderful selection of Spain’s unique architectural heritage. Sitges is a former fishing village that bloomed on an injection of capital and artistic endeavor through Spanish emigrants to America and Cuba returning home with new-made fortunes. Here you are offered a cross-section of Spanish life from ancient fishing cottages to brand new architecturally designed villas. Sitges is located in the wonderful wine region of Penedes, is an easy drive from Tarragona and Valencia, and has access to the Garraf National Park and the natural beauty of the mountain of  Monserrat. The snow-capped mountains of the Pyrenees are also only a two-hour drive away.

Sitges also offers an excellent base for the entire production team. One of the most welcoming towns in Spain, it offers beautiful beaches, an exceptional variety of bars and restaurants, endless attractions, cultural highlights, and sporting facilities, as well as beautiful villas to house your team.

Barcelona has world-class attractions, including the modernist architecture made famous by Antoni Gaudi and others. A drawback of Barcelona itself is that access to a wide range of villas can be difficult. Sitges, just forty minutes drive from the center of Barcelona, has an unparalleled range to offer.

The Sitges city council, the regional government, and the Catalan government are highly supportive of shoots taking place locally, and production crews are regularly welcomed and supported.

A magnificent range of villas for your filming location

Our range of villas offers everything you could ask for in a shoot location. We will work with your location manager to provide a villa design that matches your needs perfectly. A rustic villa with beautiful sea views? A modern architectural gem with a stunning swimming pool? A countryside manor house looking out over rolling hills? A traditional family home on the seafront? Light-filled rooms and sun-drenched terraces? All of these and more are waiting to come to life in your latest production.

Villa Cozumel as a shooting location

Villa Isla Cozumel, a grand mansion on the seafront of Sitges is a popular shooting location

Full service for your cast and crew

The team at Utopia Villas is experienced in ensuring everything runs smoothly. We can assist with arrangements for catering, personal chefs, transport, restaurant and activity reservations, in-villa personal trainers and exercise classes, and we can even organize the wrap party if you would like us to. We’re happy to help you with anything to make your life easy, and your shoot a success.

We are also happy to assist with your photo shoot location ideas.

Why a villa makes for the perfect shoot location

There are great advantages to location shooting in villa design. You have complete privacy, and you can control the environment. You have space to work and to accommodate large crews. Catering and facilities are easily provided for, and your crew will be able to work to their fullest potential. The space and facilities of many of our villas make housing even large productions simple. Gardens, jacuzzis, pools, and terraces are all features that are sought after, both in-shot and out-of-shot and our villas provide all this and more.

A villa also makes the perfect accommodation for the crew, allowing privacy and luxury during the shoot downtimes.

Villa Elite makes a fantastic shoot location

Highly modern and an architectural beauty, Villa Elite makes a fantastic shoot location

So much to offer

Sitges, Barcelona offers world-class location shooting opportunities while catering perfectly to the needs of your crew. The experienced team at Utopia Villas is delighted to support your location shoot and to ensure that your production is as beautiful as our villas.