Barcelona is an energetic city both by day and by night. Nightlife starts late with most Catalans sitting down for dinner at 21.00 or 22.00 And nightlife continues until the early hours of the morning. You might begin to appreciate the concept of ‘siesta’ when you stay here even if just for the weekend.

The energy of Barcelona is contagious, and most of the best bars in Barcelona stay open until 1.00 or 3.00 and clubs keep people dancing until 6.00

Top 10 Best Bars in Barcelona

Frequently guests ask us for bar recommendations and boy do we have discussions that go on for days about which bar should make it onto the list of Best Bars in Barcelona. Recommending a good bar is tricky business as there are simply so many bars that warrant a mention, but here it is our top 10 best bars in Barcelona.

Our top 10 Bars in Barcelona does not include Tapas Bars for which we will write a separate blog, and it also doesn’t include hotel lobby bars of which there are many good ones in Barcelona including the Mandarin Hotel, the lounge at the W and the Hotel Arts Lobby.

In no particular order as they all deserve a special place on this list our top 10 best bars in Barcelona!



Almost everyone will walk through the Ramblas as some point during a Sejour in Barcelona, and so if you end your day at the Ramblas, you may want to pop over to Carrer Tallers 1 to kick off the evening. Boadas is the cocktail bar where even the ‘camareros’ dress up in tuxedos for the occasion of serving your favourite cocktail. This bar is popular with locals and not just a tick it off the list kind of place. It first opened in 1933 and is steeped in history. It retains much of its old-world charm while being quite stylish so you may want to dress up for the occasion. This is not a big place, and securing a stool at the bar is a win to watch the mixologists in action.

Location: Carrer Tallers 1, Barcelona

Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs12.00 – 2.00,   Fri & Sat 12.00 – 3.00     Closed Sun


Old Fashioned

Old fashioned is a lot of fun if only because of how it serves up its drinks! This is drinks gangster style. Work attire for the staff is classic, and no other bar in Barcelona quite hits the mark in terms of presentation of drinks. The menu has lots of classics you would expect, such as Mojitos and Manhattans; some served up in extraordinarily unique glasses. The barmen create their mixes too – so if you want to veer off the classic track, you can try a Japan Democracy or Femme Fatal.  Great atmosphere, excellent service and worth the trip to Gracia.

Location: Calle Santa Teresa nº 1, Gràcia, Barcelona,

Opening Hours: Mon 17.00 – 2.00, Tue; 12.00 – 2.00, Wed- Thu: 12.00 – 2.00 and Fri & Sun– 12.00 – 3.00 & Sat: 17.00 – 3.00



This bar is brave enough to take on the challenge of serving to match each customer’s taste. With no standard menu available, you have no choice but to get into the details with your bartender. Very intimate environment, although initially might seem a little austere. Staff are very well trained and know their drinks. A great place to kick back and chill out. An excellent place to start an evening, quiet and relaxed away from the maddening crowd. We like it because the drinks always surprise by hitting the spot perfectly.

Location: Aribau 86, Barcelona

Opening Hours: 12.30 – 2.00


Top 10 Best Bars in Barcelona

Dry Martini

The Dry Martini Bar forms part of the global Dry Experience – so if you like what you taste in Barcelona, you can experience it again in various places around the globe including Madrid, Sorrento, Mexico, Munich and Hangzhou. In Barcelona, they have been serving up the signature drink, Dry Martini, for over 40 years and the bar is deserving of a ‘must-see’ visit. The staff are dressed in white jackets and serve up drinks with professional & classical gusto. This, coupled with the elegant wood and leather interiors, makes you feel that you have travelled in a time machine to a bygone world. The bar itself is the first stop if you manage to secure a table in the speakeasy restaurant tucked behind the bar and the kitchen in the original storerooms. But don’t worry – you don’t need to dine to have a drink here.

Location: Carrer d’Aribau, 162 -166, 08036 Barcelona

Opening Times: Mon – Fri 13.00 – 16.00 &  20.00 – 00.00, Sat: 18.30 – 2.30, Sun: closed



Top 10 Bars in Barcelona



A list of bars would not be complete without at least one craft beer bar. Barcelona has a fantastic reputation in Spain for craft beer, and this particular bar has made it on to the Top 50 Craft Beer Bars in the World. The culture of craft beer started in Barcelona many years ago just after the Olympics and is phenomenally strong today. Understanding the world of craft beer requires quite some time and tasting.  We have selected our favourite based mostly on the variety of beers available, but you can even do a Barcelona Craft Beer Tour if this is your thing. Biercab has 30 rotating taps and has a wide variety of bottled beer. The staff are very involved and love to talk about the work they do to develop & store these beers so you may even get a lesson while you gulp.

Location: Carrer Muntaner 55, Barcelona

Opening Times: Everyday 12.00 – 00.00


top 10 bars in Barcelona

The Pulitzer Rooftop Terrace

Sitting back and sipping a refreshing iced drink on a roof terrace after a busy day in the city is ace. There’s a wide variety of roof terraces in Barcelona, and I feel a blog coming on dedicated purely to roof terraces. We especially like this terrace because of the party atmosphere, the view and because of its music programme – every Thursday, Friday and Saturday it has something new and live. Check out the program: We also like that things kick off early here at 18.00 and so you don’t have to have a late-night to have a great night!

Location: Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona

Opening Times: 18.00 – 00.00



Les gens que J’aime

Les gens que j’aime is truly a unique spot in the heart of Barcelona.  This is a spot for romantics and lovers. Smaller groups will enjoy the intimacy too. The words quirky, quaint, relaxed and demure come to mind when you descend the stairs into the main bar. The music tends towards blues and soulful but always upbeat and not sentimental. It’s not that easy to find, so make sure to look for the street number. The service is professional and friendly, and there is a full bar of beers, spirits and cocktails. Unlike any other bar and what makes this one a little bit different is the fact that it comes with a resident Tarot Card Reader. What are you waiting for? Find your future at Les gens que J’aime!

Location: Carrer Valencia 286, Barcelona

Opening Times: Sun – Thurs 18.00 – 2.30 and Fri/Sat: 19.00 – 3.00


Top 10 best Bars in Barcelona

Xixbar & Gin Corner

Everywhere serves Gin & Tonic these days! The Dutch are responsible for the Gin, The British for the Tonic Water but without a doubt, the Spanish are responsible for making it the drink it is today. Xixbar & Gin Corner has the most significant variety of Gins than any other place we have seen in Barcelona and probably beyond. Not only does it make the best, truly THE BEST G&T in Barcelona it perfects so many different cocktails that this place should come with a health warning. We love it, though. It’s small in size but massive in reputation and quality. One of our favourite tapas restaurants; Lolita Taperia, is just across the road so you could make a whole night of it at Xixbar & Gin Corner! Go – you will not regret it… until the morning

Location: Carrer Rocafort, 19, Barcelona

Opening Times: 18.00 – 02.30