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Please note that Utopia Villas in Sitges only operates using the following web address: www.utopia-villas.com To be Safe: ONLY USE this site WWW.UTOPIA-VILLAS.COM It has come to our attention that a clone of our site has been developed and is…

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Experience Easter in Sitges 2017

Easter in Sitges

Getting Eggscited…..sorry…. but Spring is here so it’s hard not to feel giddy… Easter really is the wake up call in Sitges to say the Summer is coming! The weather is usually fabulous especially if Easter falls late in the year.…

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Calcots and a Calçotada in Sitges… anyone??


Get down and dirty with Calçots and a Calçotada in Sitges… anyone?? So what exactly is a Calçotada?? You pull a big group of friends/family together usually outdoors but also in restaurants, you get dirty, you wear a bib, you…

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Stay in Sitges for World Mobile Congress 2017

World Mobile Congress 2017

Barcelona – World Mobile Congress 2017! 15 years ago the concept of ‘mobility’ was really just that… a concept! But in today’s world mobility is a fact and Barcelona is home to the world’s biggest and best mobile industry event!…

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Carnival 2017 in Sitges is a big deal!!

Carnival 2017 in Sitges

Carnival 2017 in Sitges – are you going? Many people know that Carnival 2017 in Sitges, Barcelona is a big deal!! It is about dressing up in outlandish costumes and partying till the sun comes up. but few people know…

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