Useful Information for your Stay in Sitges

Sitges has reasonably mild Winters and hot (but never too hot) Summers and it appeals to travelers all year round. Nevertheless, July and August definitely see a significant increase in visitors, and the beaches, bars, and restaurants get very busy.

When you book a villa with Utopia Villas, we will help you beat the crowd with our personalized concierge services. For anything you might need during your stay do not hesitate to contact Guest Relations

This helpful article also provides you with some practical information and any numbers you might need in the case of an emergency.

Language in Sitges

Both Catalan and Castellano (Spanish) is spoken in Sitges. Both are official languages. Locals will most likely speak Catalan among themselves however all locals speak Spanish too.

Given that it is a popular tourist destination the majority will speak English & French also.  Learning a couple of words of Spanish will definitely get you by and of course,locals love to see visitors make the extra effort to speak their language.

Population: c 32,000 (35% which is foreign)

Country dialing code:  +34

Numbers to call in case of an emergency:

  • Utopia Villas Guest Relations: + 34 683 529 603
  • Utopia Villas Villa Emergency: + 34 663 831 162
  • Emergencies: Ambulancia/Policia 112
  • Local Police, Sitges +34 93 811 00 16  
  • Hospital: Los Camilos, +34 93 896 00 25 |Ronda Sant Camil, Sant Pere de Ribes
  • Sitges Medical Centre, C/Espalter +34 93 894 46 05
  • English Speaking Doctor: +34 93 802 4925
    • 24 hr medical service    Oasis 32, Passeig de Vilanova, 2, Sitges



Almost all restaurants in Sitges now provide a delivery or a collections Service so please use your usual information points but ask the restaurant for the delivery options.

APPS for Delivery Services operating in Sitges

Just Eat 


Just download the APP and use the address provided on your contract

Business Hours

Spain is an hour ahead of GMT. The typical Spanish office working day tends to be from around 8.30 am or 9 am to around 1.30 pm and then from 4.30 pm or 5 pm to around 8 pm. During the Summer months, some Spanish adopt ‘an intensive day’ with business hours being 8.00 – 15.00

Expect shops to be open from 10.00 until 21.00 in most cases but yes they will close between 13.30 or 14.00 until 16:30 or 17:00. The tradition of Siesta is well and truly part of life in Sitges. Most people simply take a long and lazy lunch break at this time.

Dressing and customs around Sitges

In general, Sitges is very liberal in terms of dress code and customs, and nowhere is this more obvious than on the beaches and on the streets. Nevertheless, locals do like people to wear clothes when entering shops, bars, and restaurants. Not everybody does this and while some visitors think it’s great to walk around shirtless and donning a bathing suit, locals would prefer to keep nudity and partial nudity to the beaches.

Markets in Sitges

Markets are a great way to get to know a town or city so whether you are looking for fresh produce, some new Summer clothes, or indeed some unique souvenirs to take home you should check out our article on markets around Sitges to understand what’s going on.

For practical Supermarket shopping we recommend the following:

CAPRABO CAN PEI: Carrer d ´en Pepe de Garraf,5 08870 Sitges

Mon-Sat: 9.00 21.00

Sunday: 9.00 -14:00

CAPRABO Vilanoveta: Carrer del Pallars, 5, 08812 Les Roquetes, Barcelona

Mon-Sat: 9.00 -21.00

Sunday: 9.00 -14:00

MERCADONA: Avenue Arthur Carbonell, (Mercat Sitges)

Mon-Sat : 9.00 – 21 :00

Sunday: CLOSED

CARREFOUR : Carrer de la Devesa, s/n 08870 Sitges

Mon-Sun : 8.30am—9.30pm everyday

LIDL : Pol. Mas Alba, Avinguda Camí Pla 31, 2, 08870 Sitges

Mon-Sat: 9.00—9.30

Sunday: 9.00 – 15:00

 ALDI : Carrer Drets Humans, 5, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona

Mon-Sat: 9.00—9.00

Sunday: 9.00 – 15:00

Best Beaches in Sitges

Everyone who visits Sitges will most likely end up on a beach at some point! One of the most frequent questions we get is which beach is the best beach? The great news is that all the beaches in Sitges have something to offer and there really is a beach for everyone whether you fancy a game of volleyball, want safe waters for your children, or want to make sure your beach body tan is strapless. Check out our ultimate guide to Sitges beaches.

Dining out in Sitges

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Sitges that it can be hard to decide where to dine. Eating out can be casual from tapas standing at the bar to real fine dining. At Utopia Villas,we love our food and so it was with great pleasure that we reviewed all that Sitges has to offer to come up with our very best guide to eating out in Sitges. Check it out here!

If you feel like staying in the Villa and having some food delivered then use the online Just Eat Service.

Getting around in Sitges & Barcelona

If you have decided against hiring a car or you want to leave the car at the villa, our will be delighted to organize your travel arrangements.

Remember we can also organize some bicycles to have at the villa too for an easy ride into town. Just let us know and we will have them at the villa when you arrive or delivered during your stay.

We have also provided this handy guide if you are traveling to Barcelona during your stay. This guide will help you plan your trip whether you are driving, getting the bus or train,and or if you decide to stay late into the night.

Parking in Sitges

Parking in Sitges during the high season can be tricky. Remember that the blue areas require a ticket always until 20.00 in most areas and until 22.00 beside the Fragata beach. The hours of 14.00 – 16.00 are free everywhere except beside the Fragata beach.

Free parking is difficult to get unless you park a little outside the town. There are some free spaces around La Plana and along Passeig de Vilanova. However given the heat and for the added security we recommend leaving your car in a secure car park either at Avenida Sofia, Plaza de Espana, Mercadona Shopping centre (some free hours when you do your shopping here) and at Jornet car park at the top of C/Fransesc.

Local Taxi Services

Local taxis are clean and usually reliable. However, in high season it is well advised to give your taxi about 30 minutes notice as the queues can be significant especially if there is a local fiesta. You can book in advance and again advisable to re-confirm on the day or day before travel. If you wish to have the comfort of air-conditioned transfers for your trip and want 100% reliability for pick up we would always recommend booking a transfer through our service

English Speaking 24 h Taxi: +34 687 464 820 (Accepts credit cards)

Taxis Sitges: +34 93 894 13 29

8 Seater Taxi – 630 539 220

Taxi Sant Pere de Ribes – 93 896 47 25

Our aim at Utopia Villas is that you leave Sitges enjoying even half as much as we do… We are delighted to help you out with any information or plans you might want to put into action so please feel free to ask us anything either by contacting us on our Emergency line or our Guest concierge number as above.

Have a great holiday!