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Useful Information for your stay in Sitges


Useful Information for your Stay in Sitges Sitges has reasonably mild Winters and hot (but never too hot) Summers and it appeals to travelers all year round. Nevertheless, July and August definitely see a significant increase in visitors, and the beaches, bars, and restaurants get very busy. When you book a villa with Utopia Villas,…

Travelling from Sitges to Barcelona

The train station Estacio de Francio

Sitges has the incredible advantage of being on the doorstep of the famous city of Barcelona. In less than an hour, you have access to the international airport, shops, museums, restaurants, and attractions of one of Europe’s greatest cities. You can head to Barcelona, shop, have lunch, sightsee, and be back in Sitges for a…

Utopia Villas – Unique access to beautiful holiday villas in Sitges, Barcelona


Utopia Villas has the finest and most beautiful holiday villas in Sitges. It is also the only holiday rental company to have luxury seafront villas in Sitges. We absolutley love this area of the World! Through our professional and personal experiences, we have become experts in the area. Our aim is to send you home…