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Useful Information for your stay in Sitges

The information below will provide you with some practical information and numbers you might need in the case of an emergency. Numbers to call in case of an emergency: Utopia Villas Office Hours: 30 – 18.30 938 14 65 14 Emergencies: Ambulance/Police 112 Local Police, Sitges +34 93 811 00 16 Local Police, Sant Pere de…

Travelling from Sitges to Barcelona

The train station Estacio de Francio

Sitges has the incredible advantage of being on the doorstep of the famous city of Barcelona. In less than an hour, you have access to the international airport, shops, museums, restaurants, and attractions of one of Europe’s greatest cities. You can head to Barcelona, shop, have lunch, sightsee, and be back in Sitges for a…