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best kept secret… Sssshhh!!!

  best kept secret… until now… Now this is a little secret that we are sharing with you and a place we go to ourselves when we want to get away from the hectic beaches of Sitges. A little bit down the coast on the beach of Cubelles is a small unpretentious beach bar that…

Formal Dining in Sitges

Never get between a man or woman and his food…Well especially good food!!! We see so many people fall into the tourist trap restaurants and we don’t want that to happen to you… here are some of our best recommendations for Restaurants in Sitges.. La Fragata; just under the church in the Plaza del Fragata…

Going ‘de Tapas’ in Sitges… a tapear

Going out for tapas or ‘a tapear’ (the Spanish verb derived from tapas), is a quintessentially Spanish way of approaching social life: relaxing, enjoying and sharing food with friends. We know some of the best places in Sitges to go to and we want to share them with you… first thing you need to know however,…

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