We can attest to the fact that here in the Mediterranean town of Sitges, we enjoy life all year round. One of the reasons is that there is always something fun or interesting happening!  If you have some flexibility in when you visit us, you may want to plan your trip around one of the many Sitges upcoming events. Below are some of the highlights month by month.

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5th & 6th January: The Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos)

The Three Kings Festival in Sitges SpainThe first thing you need to know about visiting Sitges over the holiday season is that Father Christmas is a bit player. The Three Kings are the main event for people and children all over Catalonia and Spain.

The festivities kick off on the 5th of January with a parade. The Three Kings lead the parade on horseback followed by various bands and drummers. The 3 kings throw thousands of sweets to the hordes of children that follow them. Meanwhile, the children leave their shoes outside to for filling with gifts.

In fact, this is when Spanish children receive their big gifts. Santa is stingy in comparison! It is a joyous time of year to visit Sitges. Just as all the holiday fun has ended around the world and many people have returned to work, Spain bursts into life. The shops are buzzing for days before and the tapas bars are lively. The 6th of January is a public holiday and restaurants on the Paseo are packed with people enjoying a paella with their families.

A note on the weather. You can’t compare the weather forecast in the UK to that in Spain. It may be 13 degrees in the shade but if the sun is shining in the afternoon the power of it is amazing! A light jumper and you can sit out for lunch as long as there is no wind or you’re in a sheltered spot. We recommend the beach at San Sebastian.


24th Feb – 2 Mar 2022: Sitges Carnival, (Carnaval, Sitges)

One of the top 10 “carnivals” in the world, (put the stress on the last syllable if you want to sound local, “val” as in Valerie not “vul” as we say in English). If Rio and New Orleans are too far away and too predictable Sitges is the place to be! As with all carnivals, this is a spell of flamboyant debauchery before a period of restraint and abstinence during Lent.A dancer at the Sitges Spain Carnival

What we love about the Sitges Carnival is the way everyone is included. The LGBTQ+ community embraces it with all the gusto you would expect. But schools and local clubs are also there with their extravagant floats in the daytime parades.

It kicks off on Dijous Gras or Fat Thursday. The King of the Carnival arrives, King Carnestoltes, in a flamboyant and colourful display. As its name suggests, The Rua de la Disbauxa or Debauchery Parade is a risqué and daring parade that is more suited to an adult audience.

It has been known to have over 2000 dancers on more than 40 floats and it is a spectacle to behold! The Children’s parade on Sunday is a family-friendly event with some spectacular floats. The Rua de l’Extermini is the final parade. Drag queens dress in black to mourn the death of the King. And on Ash Wednesday the carnival carries an effigy of a giant sardine to the beach and buries it there.

This signals the beginning of Lent and the period of abstinence. We can guarantee that this is one of the most fun of Sitges upcoming events to not miss!  A great time to visit Sitges for an unforgettable experience.


19th & 20th March 2022: International Vintage Car Rally

A vintage Car in the Rally in Sitges Spain

This is the 64th edition of the fabulous vintage car rally. Cars from pre-1928 and motorbikes pre1938 will travel the gorgeous coast road from Barcelona to Sitges. You can observe from a spot along the route or wait in Sitges and see them all arrive in their vintage splendour.

By this time of year, the weather is warming up so get those sunglasses on and enjoy the glamour!

24th – 27th March: International Patchwork Festival

This is the biggest textile art fair in Spain with over 15,000 visitors per year. There are national and international exhibitions dedicated to patchwork and around 100 merchandise marquees lining the beautiful seafront. Stunning patchwork quilts are exhibited in a number of historic buildings throughout the town. Want to get hands-on? No problem! Add to that a huge selection of workshops you can sign up for and get creating.


April 7th – 10th: Vintage Jazz Festival

A man singing Jazz at the festival in Sitges, Spain

This year will be the 10th edition so it is bound to have some great jazz acts in store! A 4-day event that will run over a weekend. Bringing you the best of Dixieland, Manouche, and Swing from local and international jazz artists. Enjoy a combination of jam sessions, concerts, and a wonderful parade on Saturday afternoon.

April 14th – 18th 2022: Easter Weekend (Semana Santa)

One of the highlights of Easter in Sitges is the atmospheric and silent Good Friday procession. Expect to see religious wooden sculptures that tell the story of the Passion and the death of Christ. On Holy Saturday and Easter Monday, you can hear Caramelles (traditional Catalan songs). Male singers parade through town in traditional garb, accompanied by live bands. And on Palm Sunday you can see the blessings of the palms outside the stunning landmark church that you can see for miles around, Església de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla.

23rd April: Sant Jordi

Casa Batllo on St Jordi DayOne thing that Catalonia shares with England is its patron saint. St George or Sant Jordi is celebrated in Catalonia with a really beautiful tradition. On this day people buy their loved ones a gift of either a book or a rose. Stalls line the streets selling paper roses and second-hand books.

It is a wonderful day to make a day trip into Barcelona as the building are often decorated in roses too such as Gaudi’s Casa Batllo to the left.  It sure beats valentine’s day in our opinion.

29th April -1st May: Bear Week Spring Edition

For all the larger and hairier gay men out there this is the first of 2 Bear’s weeks in Sitges, (the second and larger event takes place in September). The bars are bursting with bears and past events have included paintballing, pool parties, beach meetings, and dinners. Guaranteed fun for all kinds of bears.


14th & 15th May: Sitges Electronic Park

If you like electronic music this is the time to visit Sitges. Great DJs and live music, a good selection of food trucks, and many activities for children. This is an event for people of all ages.

18th May: International Museum Day

Maricel Museum Sitges, SpainThis is a worldwide celebration with museum entries free for all. In Sitges, you can expect an array of events to coincide with this, including family workshops and treasure hunts.  You can also enter the museums at night.

If you are wondering what Museums there are in Sitges to visit, you can see them detailed in this article.  We give you a route to follow too which also includes many beautiful art galleries.

And of course, this wouldn’t be Sitges if it wasn’t accompanied by wonderful food and cava tastings.  The event will culminate in a choral performance in the stunning Maricel Palace’s Gold Room.


8th – 12th June: Sitges Gay Pride

Sitges wouldn’t be Sitges without its spectacular Gay Pride event. Details of performers and events are not finalised but we can guarantee this will be one heck of a party. There is always a great parade too. And the best part is, it is warm enough to take your shirts off, fellas!

18th June: Corpus Christi

A flower carpet at the Corpus Cristi FestivalUndoubtedly the most picturesque day of the year to visit Sitges. Hundreds of local organisations and schools take over the pretty winding streets and create their own artworks with flower carpets. Many work all night long in order to be ready for the opening time on Sunday. The fragrant air is delightful and it is a vision for the eyes. Not to be missed!


16th July: Mare de Déu del Carme

At 8 pm there is a procession of boats in honor of the Virgin del Carmen. A floral offering is made to the sea in memory of dead sailors and fishermen. The best place to watch on dry land is by the cemetery just up the hill from San Sebastian beach. And then you can follow it with a sundowner at Vivero.

Late July (exact dates tbc): Festival Jardins Terramar

A relative newcomer to the packed Sitges events calendar is this international music festival in the lovely Terramar Gardens. Acts have included Texas, Gloria Gaynor, and Joan Baez along with many Spanish artists. It’s a civilized night under the stars that tends to draw an older crowd. Lovely cocktails and delicious food can be savoured in the park too.


5th Aug: Mare de Déu del Vinyet

If you like your fiestas on a human scale this is the one for you. A couple of masses are held in the church.  Locals meet to join in to dance Sardanas ( a local folk dance).  There is also a little fair and a small firework display in the evening. Manageable and quite lovely.

24th August: Fiesta Mayor de Sant Bartomeu

Fiesta Major Sitges

Our guests enjoying Fiests Major in Sitges

If on the other hand, you want your party and fireworks to be on a spectacular scale this is the one for you! Fiest Mayor is one of the biggest of Sitges upcoming events for the year.

From early evening onwards, from the port to Terramar, the beaches are crowded.  You will find families on blankets eating picnics and drinking cava as well as groups of friends. Then, at 11 pm you have a firework display to rival any in the world! Lasting around half an hour and with great creative flair, this is an incredible explosion of colour and creativity! And as always in Sitges, the atmosphere is friendly and warm throughout.


2nd – 11th Sep: Bear’s Week

The second Bear’s week on the Sitges calendar (see April) is the larger event of the two.

23rd September: Fiesta Major de Santa Tecla

Santa Tecla celebrations, Sitges SpainHonoring the patron saint of Sitges this is the smaller of the two fiesta major’s with a more local flavour and perfect for families. Here, it is the children that take on the leading role in the festivities. The children parade large papier-mache heads of dragons and eagles and the Matinal features many dance performances.

The main event is undoubtedly the Nit de Foc. If you like your fun with a good dose of health & safety then steer clear. If you are prepared and dressed correctly, this could be the best fun you ever have. Fireworks in the form of roman candles will spew sparks from the mouths of dragons as part of the parade. They may even rain down on you from strings above the street. Either way, this is not an evening for donning your best outfit as it will come home filled with holes!


6th – 16th October: Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

Definitely one of the major events of the annual calendar this is a wonderful time to come to Sitges. The weather is perfect in October. And who doesn’t love a bit of culture while escaping the onset of winter? There are usually some big Hollywood names here promoting their sci-fi, horror, or fantasy films. El Camino premiered in Sitges in 2019 and Aaron Paul was in situ to promote it. It is too soon to say what 2022 will have in store but watch this space.


Exact date tbc: Malvasia Week

While the weather starts to turn colder and sometimes a little wet Sitges has a gastronomic event to cheer your cockles. Malvasia is a sweet golden wine that is made exclusively in Sitges. Dominated by fresh soft fruits, with floral hints and a touch of Mediterranean herbs. Named after the small, sweet, and aromatic Malvasia grape that hails originally from Greece. Its distinctive flavour is further enhanced by the late grape harvest, the acidity, and the proximity of Sitges to the sea. Malvasia week celebrates this local wonder with a professional fair, tastings, workshops, and gastronomic routes around the town. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Usually 3rd Weekend in December: Winter Market

Xmas decorations at the winter festival in SitgesFancy some Nordic Christmas shopping with a clear conscience? Everything here is handmade and mostly local so you won’t be killing the planet while indulging your friends and family. The Winter Market is housed in large marquees along the seafront.  You will find plenty to choose from.

Perhaps the best part of Sitges in December is the low-key Christmas vibe. The sun shines a lot. The tapas bars are buzzing. The shops are mostly independent and charming and there are no Slade or Cliff Richard tunes polluting the airwaves. A perfect antidote to the overly commercialised experience Christmas has become in much of the world.



So now, which month will you choose to come to beautiful sunny Sitges?

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