Utopia Villas and Luxury Car Rentals

We have special contacts with firms who lease luxury car rentals – these cars are typically not available through standard hire firms. Send us an email and we will get our team on the case so you can travel in Style while in Sitges. Advance notice essential.

Luxury Car, Luxury Villa

Why rent a car when you can either have one with much more class … Circle along the promenade of Sitges with a sporty luxury is a real spectacle.

You can feel the air on your face and see how all eyes are turned to see the elegance of your vehicle. If you do not settle for anything and looking for a sign of distinction during your holiday, this is one of the best options. We look for a car that go along with the villa you’ve rented and can enjoy all the luxury you need.

The luxury range of cars or the super sports cars can be rented for the full week while you stay at your Utopia Villas villa or indeed you can simply choose to have an afternoon of cruising in style.

Whichever you choose you will not be disappointed. The cars are delivered right to your doorstep and offer the most breathtaking driving experience.

These are great gift ideas also for those special birthday or anniversary occasions. Or maybe you are thinking of proposing to your loved one while in Sitges. A luxury car or a super sports car is a great way to create those memories we want to hold onto for a lifetime.

So, which is your preferred style? Driving around the coast of Sitges in a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Porsche? Utopia Villas has provided your high-end villa, now it is time to get the car to go with it and live like a rockstar while you are in Sitges.