Utopia Villas has a collection of exquisite properties available for short term rentals in Sitges. We offer fantastic rates from October to April each year. These monthly rentals are perfect for anyone looking for easy and luxurious accommodation in one of Spain’s most beautiful cities.

Short term rentals Sitges – who are they for?

If you’re one of these groups, a Utopia Villas property in Sitges will exceed your expectations.  The properties are fully furnished and managed – walk in the door, and you’re home.

Longer than normal holidays

Sometimes two weeks is not enough time to relax and recharge. If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to take an extra-long holiday, you should book a villa with us. It is the perfect accommodation to help you switch off from everyday life. We offer competitive rates for off-season monthly rentals, to give you luxury for less!

Off-season in Sitges is glorious, one of our favourite parts of the year. You don’t have to share the town with thousands of other tourists, and the locals have time for a chat. You can get a booking in popular restaurants – unlike in the summer. Sitges and Barcelona have a lot going for them in the cooler months; find out more about this here.

Digital Nomad or remote working in Spain

If you work from home for part of the year, your home can be anywhere. Are you a digital nomad? Why not live in one of our short-term rentals for a couple of months before you move on to your next destination?

You can secure a beautiful villa with a manicured garden and pool at a reasonable price. And it comes without all the headaches that go along with long or annual property rentals, such as managing utilities and finding furniture. All our villas have high-speed Wi-Fi, making working easy!

Our villas are all a 25-minute drive from the centre of Barcelona. You can enjoy the peace of Sitges while you work and then dip into one of Europe’s greatest cities for a bit of fun!

Temporary accommodation for relocations

Starting a new life in Spain is exciting; however, finding the perfect home takes time. It’s essential to get a feel of the new town before committing to a specific suburb. Short-term rentals in Sitges give you the space to explore your new hometown.

Hotels and apartments are great for a short holiday or weekend break. But when you need somewhere to stay for a month or more, a hotel room is not big or private enough. Nobody wants to live with strangers in a shared hotel space for long.

You and the family will want space to relax and live a normal life. You have a full kitchen and dining room for cooking healthy meals, and a choice of indoor and outdoor chill-out zones for downtime.

Are you moving to Barcelona? We have villas to suit every requirement. Some are located within walking distance to Sitges town centre and station, making commuting to the city a straightforward task. Others are an easy walk from the best international schools in Barcelona, an excellent option for families on a relocation assignment.

Some of our clients have a gap in accommodation while they are waiting for a real estate purchase. Our monthly rentals give you the flexibility to fit in with your vendor or builder.

There is a gap between long term rental agreements

If you find that there is a gap between long term tenancy agreements, a monthly short-term rental is a great solution for you. 

Whatever your circumstance, Utopia Villas could be the answer.

A Utopia Villa gives you convenience & flexibility

Longer rentals can be a nightmare to set up, especially if you are new to the country and language. Spain has its fair share of headaches for new tenants, not least complex rental contracts. And, with utilities like gas and internet access, it can take up to a month to move in and be operational. You may be trying to select new schools, continue working, and set up a new life at the same time. 

Utopia Villas makes that first transition easy. Move into a villa today that is fully furnished and with all the utilities connected.

And our multilingual staff are waiting to help with anything you need to settle in.

Short term rentals Sitges – why a Utopia Villa is the perfect solution

  • All the villas are in excellent condition.
  • All are fully equipped and furnished to a high standard.
  • No need to transfer utilities into your name – or deal with utility companies at all.
  • Satellite and Wi-Fi (included in Rent) are set up and fully functioning.
  • Maintenance of private pools and gardens are included in Rent.
  • Fully managed & speedy service available for any in-villa issues from the Utopia Concierge Service.

We can offer you great rates for monthly rentals for a long holiday in Sitges or an interim home while you relocate.

Here are a few of our villas that you can book to make your home for a month or five!

Call our reservations team today.

Our Monthly Short Term Rental Villas:

Villa Lola

Villa Lola is a blissfully majestic seafront villa with spacious…


€4,950 Per Week

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