Sitges, located just 35 kms south of Barcelona, was once a small fishing town and the port town known for the exportation of wine. Over time, however, being influenced by the presence of artists, liberals, and poets, Sitges has developed quite a reputation for its bohemian charm. Today it is famous as one of the best beach towns in Spain.

This bohemian charm, coupled with its stunning coastline of beaches, is why Sitges is loved by holidaymakers and day trippers alike.  Folk who want to visit the best beach towns in Spain come to Sitges knowing they will not be disappointed.

Why is Sitges one of the best beach towns in Spain?

There’s plenty of Mediterranean appeal in Sitges. Whitewash buildings, narrow streets, and loads of local culture just waiting to be soaked up. Also, and very importantly, several beaches surrounding Sitges have been awarded a blue flag by the European Union for the cleanliness of the water.

Sitges is a town of diversity, and the beaches also play their part. There is a big choice of beaches; family beaches, urban beaches, dog-friendly beaches, cove style beaches, and gay beaches.

Take your pick – Of course, you’re welcome to sun your bones on any beach as are no fixed rules here, but some beaches may suit you better than others.

With so much happening by the water, it’s not hard to see why Sitges was ranked in the ‘Top 6 best beach towns in Catalonia’ by Culture Trip.

San Sebastian Beach in Sitges, the best beach town in Spain

San Sebastian Beach in Sitges

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Utopia Villas has prepared this useful guide so you can experience life by the sea in one of the best beach towns in Spain.

Sitges beaches are well equipped with showers, toilets, bars (the beach bars are called ‘chiringuitos’) and lifeguards. Each of the beaches has a unique personality, the clientele, ambiance, and size make exploring to find your perfect beach an adventure.

Four main areas make up the beaches of Sitges. Starting on the Barcelona side of Sitges are the beaches north of the cemetery, Balimins, Aiguadolc, and Cala Morisca. The beaches adjacent to Sitges commercial area run from Playa San Sebastian to Alberto Beach at the Calipolis hotel. From the Calipolis to Terramar, the beaches run along some of the most beautiful residential areas of Sitges while still having similar amenities. South of Terramar there’s Hola Beach club, Dead man’s beach (Platja del home mort), and Platja Desenrocada.

In total there are 17 beaches – let’s walk you through them so you can pick the best beach in one of the best beach towns in Spain.

Starting North after the town of Castelldefels and working our way South: this is the Utopia Villas breakdown of all the beaches in Sitges.

 10-15 mins driving from Sitges

  • Platja Les Botigues

This is a very large beach (1415 metres long and 100 metres wide) with good facilities, up to six beach bars and disabled friendly access too and you can reach it by train. Just get off at the Castelldefels train station, called ‘Platja de Castelldefels’. This beach is certified by SICTED for its quality of services and the cleanliness of the beach.

There are several chiringuitos (beach bars/Restaurants) to choose from here. some of our favourites are:, Chiringuito Latitude Norte and Beach Bar Globo.

  • Cala Ginesta

Ginesta Cove is one of the hardest to reach in Sitges. It has limited access through the port. It is tiny, and few amenities, but the setting is stunning. This is a favorite spot to choose if you want a day adventuring.

Garraf Beach in Sitges

Garraf Beach in Sitges

  • Platja de Garraf

Garraf beach is easier to reach and you can go by train if you have not rented a car. It is located in the cute village of Garraf, a great place to unwind. It has charming white and green beach houses (formerly fishermen houses) which date to the 1920s and is quite a long beach for a cove (‘cala’ in Spanish) at 380 meters.  All the facilities, including a beach bar, kayaks, and pedalos, lifeguards, and showers, are available.

Garraf is an excellent beach for everyone, especially for family and friends.

  • Platja Riera de Vallcarca

This beach will come alive this summer as a few friends from Sitges are opening their successful beach bar for the second year. Expect live music and DJ sessions. We can’t wait to check it out so more anon on this beach. Worth noting that part of this beach is dog-friendly so depending on your love (or lack of love) for our 4-legged friends you can decide if this is one for you or not.

Nudist Beach

  • Cala Morisca

Morisca Cove is a cute and popular nudist beach on the coast road between Sitges and Garraf. Again you will definitely need a car to get here. It has fresh water showers and a bar/restaurant and limited hammocks. It is approx. 150 m in length and meters long and 60 meters wide.

More for couples and friends as the water gets deep quickly, so you need to keep an eye on younger kids.

The chiringuito on this beach is usually busy and very casual. The bar doesn’t typically cope well with the volume in high season at peak times. Be patient 🙂

 Close to Sitges (10-15 mins walking)

  • Platja d’Aiguadolç

Platja d’Aiguadolç, (Sweet Water beach) is just beside the Port. It’s about 15 minutes walk from Sitges center. This is very much a family beach as is equipped with everything from umbrellas, pedalos, and bar/restaurant.

The chiringuito on this beach is perfect for a snack or ice cream, however being so close to all the wonderful restaurants in the Port of Sitges you will have plenty to choose from in terms of restaurants. Our favorite is the Taberna Del Puerto for Seafood and Paella. 

  •  Balmins Beach

This beach is North of the church (10-minute walk) and overlooked by the interesting Sant Sebastià cemetery. It has a total length of 250m and is naturally divided into three sections. You will see it is very much a naturist beach but being clothing free is not obligatory. It’s a popular beach with everyone.

The backdrop here is mostly natural, and the view is magnificent. Access to La Caleta restaurant makes this an excellent beach for a full day excursion.

The chiringuito here is very good for snacks however with La Caleta just overlooking the beach a popular option is to book a table and pop up for an hour or so out of the sun while you enjoy an excellent Paella or Fideua and a glass of something cold.

Balmins Beach in Sitges

Balmins Beach in Sitges

In Sitges town:

  • Platja Sant Sebastià

You will find Platja Sant Sebastià (Sant Sebastià beach) between the church and the cemetery. This is a great family beach with everything provided and plenty of restaurants to choose from as your backdrop. Being the first of the Urban beaches, Sant Sebastià can get extremely busy in July and August. This beach has ramp access, which makes it a popular choice for wheelchair users and families with buggies.

  •  Platja de la Fragata

This beach is centrally located, below the church and in front of the Plaza de la Fragata. This beach is extremely popular with locals and groups of friends who enjoy sports on the beach such as volleyball and beach tennis. It’s about 40 meters wide and is very lively.

With the Sailing club located right on the beach, Fragata is also used for kids’ Summer camps. There are no hammocks available, although there are showers and a beach bar. The beach has a lifeguard on duty.

Iconic Fragata Beach in Sitges

Iconic Fragata Beach in Sitges

  • Platja de la Ribera

The longest of the urban beaches, it is very popular and has all the main facilities you need. Usually populated with teenage kids and lots of families with younger kids. As with the other urban beaches, it has easy access to restaurants and bars if you want a break from the sun.

  • Platja de la Bassa Rodona

This is the main gay beach in Sitges. Its location is very central, and it is usually one of the busiest beaches. It is almost 300 meters long. You will find all the facilities you would expect and has PIC-NIC restaurant as its backdrop. Everyone is welcome here; however, it is more popular among the gay community. Recently voted in the top-10 gay beaches in the world, it lives up to its reputation.

Life’s a beach… !

  • Platja de l’Estanyol (Alberto Beach)

Sitges’ most diverse beach attracts almost everyone; gay, families, singles, couples, and kids but no dogs 😊 It is a great beach with excellent facilities; lifeguards, three beach bars, and rental services for awnings, umbrellas, deck chairs, sunbeds and pedalos. It also has an access ramp too so good for wheelchair users and families with buggies.

A great spot for hanging out is Alberto Beach – a small beach club with excellent massages, reservable sunbeds, and a great vibe. They will also take orders and deliver drinks and food right to your sunbed from the bar/restaurant, which serves up some great snacks and salads.

  • Platja de la Riera Xica

Another long beach at 350m, and popular with just about everyone. This beach marks the start of the residential backdrop, but there are still beach bars for food and drink easily accessible. There are plenty of beach services for a day on the beach, including lifeguards, showers, activities, and toilets.

  • Platja de la Barra 

This is a beach towards the end of the strip. You will find that it is family-friendly and quiet in comparison with other beaches. It offers the same services as Terramar and is 390 meters long and 25 meters wide.  There is a fantastic beach bar there called Sausalitos.  Try their burrato salads – lovely!

The sun going down at Sitges Terramar BEach

The sun going down at Sitges Terramar Beach

  • Platja de Terramar

This beach is quite a walk from town, and you could always get the beach train that runs along the paseo, if the kids don’t want to walk. Further away also means a bit quieter. It is long at 400 meters and has plenty of services. In 2018 Beso Beach opened its sandy entrance offering a lovely menu, lots of DJs and the most comfortable beach beds in all of Sitges.  A real treat.

 20 mins trekking from Terramar

  • Platja de l’Home Mort

This is another small nudist beach, popular among gay people. You will find it behind the rocks of l’Atlàntida nightclub. Unlike the other beaches, it’s a pebble beach, not a sandy beach. Not recommended for young kids as the access is difficult and no sand with which to play. 

  • Platja Desenrocada

Similar to Platja de l’Homme Mort and is situated right behind it. It is 90 meters long and 15 meters wide.

Those are the 17 beaches that locals and visitors alike will be sunning themselves on. The variety and quality of beaches make it a mecca for those that love all that a day on the beach has to offer.

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