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Semana Santa Sitges (Easter Week) 2020

Parade over Semana Santa

Semana Santa Sitges festivities Semana Santa (Holy Week or Easter Week) is a big deal in Spain, and Sitges is no different.  This year the festivities are from Sunday, April 5th to Monday, April 13th.  It kicks off with the blessing of palms and palm trees on Palm Sunday and finishes on Easter Monday. During…

Top 5 false statements about Sitges in Summer!

Sitges in Summer

Top 5 false statements about Summer in Sitges! Sitges in Summer is enchanting! We’ve never met anyone who has come, savoured and didn’t want to come back. This is partly because there are so many things to do in Sitges that it suits all ages, all Summer activities, orientations and really doesn’t disappoint on any…