A Sitges villa is the perfect pick if you are looking at holidays for winter sun

You may associate a villa holiday in Spain with the summer months but think again. Renting a luxury villa near Barcelona, and in particular, in Sitges, is a wonderful escape from the drab Northern hemisphere winter. For many people who live and visit Barcelona in Winter, they swear blind it is the best time to come and one of the best holidays for winter sun. Most of the attractions of Barcelona and Sitges are more enjoyable when the temperatures have cooled down, and the queues have shortened. Let’s take a look at what a winter villa holiday will offer you.

Sitges is one of the perfect winter holidays for sunshine in Europe

Here are our top 10 reasons to book a Sitges Villa for some winter sunshine:

1. Yes you guessed it – lovely warm winter sun

Even though the temperatures have cooled, there is still a lot of sunshine to enjoy. In October, the average temperature is about 22 degrees. In the depth of Winter, it averages around 15 degrees in the shade, with typically blue skies and sunny days. And don’t underestimate the power of that Mediterranean sunshine! Step out of the shade in the middle of the day, and it is sunbathing weather. A swim in the sea is not out of the question for the braver amongst you.

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2. Choose Sitges holidays for winter sun and avoid the crowds.

There is a multitude of activities to do both in Sitges and Barcelona in Winter. Check out our guide for things to do in Barcelona. And then rejoice in the fact that all of these are open and less busy in Winter. None of the mile-long queues for attractions and overcrowded beaches and terraces.

Most tourists are back home, which means that you have a lot fewer people to deal with if you visit Barcelona in Winter. You can move around the streets with ease and take photos of your favorite buildings without waiting for that split-second opportunity.

Everything can be accomplished with ease. From museums to the incredible array of shops, you will be free to browse at your own pace with plenty of space.

The beaches are empty in Sitges in Winter

3. Visit the markets in peace

We love visiting markets in Winter. In summer, be prepared to join the lines of people worming their way through the stalls. Winter, though, brings an altogether different feel to the markets in and around Barcelona. You can observe locals as they go about their daily life and the quick-fire conversations of the market stallholders. There is no better way to get to know a city than to stroll its markets. There are some fabulous tapas bars in many of Barcelona’s markets, that create divine delicacies from the fresh fare of the day.

Apart from the usual markets, you will also find temporary pop-up markets during the Christmas season. The most famous is the Fira de Santa Llucia. It started around 1786 and is located in front of the Cathedral in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter every year.

Check out our guide here for our favorite markets around Sitges and Barcelona.

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Spices hangin up in a market in Barcelona - a favourite in winter

4. Your winter holiday is easier on the pocket

If you do wish to splurge at the market, you will find that there is much more money left in your pocket. Everything is cheaper. With so many low-cost airlines coming to Barcelona, you can get here at a fraction of the cost than during the Summer months. If you stay in one of our large villas during the low season, you will pay almost 70% less than in the height of Summer. With all those savings, you can run riot in the markets, restaurants, and shops. Check out the prices of winter villas to rent at low-season prices.

5. Beach life & Winter Swimming

Beach life continues up and down the coast of Barcelona in Winter. You might need your jacket once the sun dips. But by day you can sun yourself on its empty beaches and take a dip in the sea.

Lots of people like to practice their favorite sport on the beach too and with the beaches practically empty, where else could be better?  Ask our concierge for a list of yoga classes, HIT training, and other sports activities down on the beach in the winter.

Of course, if you want to relax, there is nothing better than a good book and relaxation whilst you listen to the sounds of the Mediterranean.

A lady doing Yoga on beach in Sitges which is wonderful for some Winter sunshine

6. Take a hike

Sitges and the Barcelona area offer some of the best hiking options in Catalunya. In summer you have to be super fit to enjoy a long walk in the heat. But in the Winter it is perfect hiking weather.

You don’t have to commit to hours of hiking if that’s not your thing. There are plenty of walks which are perfect for the whole family starting in Sitges town. If you are an experienced walker/hiker seeking a multi-day hike check out our hiking blog here!

7. Restaurants galore

A significant challenge for all foodies visiting Sitges and Barcelona in busier times is getting a table at your favorite restaurant. In some cases, it is downright impossible. However, in the low season, you will have no problem getting the best seat in town at the best eateries. Tickets, Lolita Taperia, Quimet y Quimet all will be at your disposal in quieter times of the year. Check out our interview with the also wonderful www.foodieinbarcelona.com for all the best recommendations.

Planning a visit in February? Then it is Calçotada season. What is a Calçotada? It is a regional feast you will find in many of the local restaurants in late winter/early Spring. It comprises a very messy starter of charred baby leeks dipped in Romesco sauce. And the main course will be a mixed grill from the BBQ. Don’t expect anything glamorous. The donning of the bib and plastic gloves would dampen any ostentation! But it’s a hearty meal you won’t forget.

8. Jam-Packed social events calendar

When you choose to stay in a winter villa in Barcelona you will never be bored. The calendar is filled with events, exhibitions, concerts, and shows throughout the Winter months. The great news is that some of these are free too! Stand-up comedy has really taken off in the last couple of years. Even open mic nights if you want to have a go at it yourself!

Ballet in Barcelona. One of the many things your can enjoy on your holiday in winter.

9. Sporting Events

Barcelona loves sports in general. If anything had a long-term impact on the city of Barcelona, it was the 1992 Olympic Games nurturing a love of all sports. It is an active city almost everyone plays some sport.

Of course, football ranks highly throughout Spain, and Barcelona is key to its international success. You don’t have to be a major football fan to enjoy watching Barcelona play the beautiful game in its home stadium, Camp Nou. La Liga season kicks off in August and until May. Tickets are reasonably easy to get, so don’t hesitate to make football the preamble to your stay.

Formula 1 is also a significant attraction for people visiting Barcelona – so check out the Catalunya Circuit for upcoming events

10. Winter Villas in Sitges

Renting a winter villa in Sitges may be just what the doctor ordered to beat the blues. Even take a short-term lease and work from here for the Winter. Located only 20 minutes from the International Airport of Barcelona, commuting to any city in Europe is easy.

Access to Barcelona city is also straightforward and can be done by train or bus if you don’t want to take the car. All of our villa rentals include WIFI. So, you are set up from Day 1 to work from home, away from home.

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