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Do you need some Winter Sunshine?

Winter Sunshine

Do you need some Winter Sunshine?

Just a couple of days  of winter sunshine might just be exactly what you need to beat the January blues.  There are so many reasons to visit Sitges, who would have thought that your mental health was one of them.

Planning your next holiday is definitely a good antidote to the Winter blues!!

It is pretty much accepted as fact that the release of happy hormones in your brain is directly linked to the amount of sunlight and darkness you experience. Research has proven that sunshine increases the amount of serotonin, the happiness hormone. On the other hand Melatonin is another hormone which is directly impacted by darkness and helping person get sleepy and too much Melatonin can result in extreme lethargy and even depression.

Winter Sunshine in Sitges?

A person’s serotonin levels can drop very low and in some cases can lead to higher rates of depression and what is regularly known as SAD, Season Affective Disorder if the numbers of hours of sunshine is limited. If you live in northern European countries you are more likely to experience SAD in winter months when the days are shorter and there is little Winter Sunshine.

Of course over exposure to sun is not good either which is why we believe that people who visit Sitges out of season benefit hugely from being able to enjoy the winter sunshine, walk the beaches, have lunch in the sun without risking any of the negative effects of over exposure on the skin.

Vitamin D also created due to exposure to sun helps bones to grow and develop healthily another good reason to soak up the winter sun in Sitges. If you’re looking for a good reason to jump on a plane and come to Sitges, we believe your health should be one of them. No arguing with anyone there.

For excellent low price villas – some with heated swimming pools – check out www.utopia-villas.com

Out of season Sitges continues to have plenty of life although calmer than Summer. Day time temperatures are normally around 19 degrees. Perfect for time out, beach walks, great food and time to rejuvenate.


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