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San Juan in Sitges 2018

SAn Juan

San Juan in Sitges 2018 It’s getting closer… the Fiesta of San Juan 2018 in Sitges. Well not only Sitges…. This Fiesta is celebrated all over Europe however some countries and cultures take it a little more seriously than others. Maybe none moreso than Cataluña. San Juan – How to celebrate? Throughout Cataluña everyone is…

International Patchwork Sitges 2018

Patchwork Sitges

International Patchwork Sitges 2018 Patchwork Sitges is back again and for the for the 14th year running – Sitges gets ready to welcome back the International Patchwork Association!! Speculation is already rising with construction of a significantly bigger marquis right on the beach in Sitgess. Those not familiar with the festival are wondering what is…

Live Nativity Scene in Sant Pere Ribes

Live Nativity Scene

Live Nativity Scene in Sant Pere Ribes Enjoying Christmas in Sitges involves plenty of novelties… Christmas morning drink on the beach,  Restaurants open on the 25th, listening to Sitges Canta in Palau Maricel, enjoy the Christmas market literally on the beach! The list is long. However, if you wish to do something with the whole…

Surprises for families in Sitges

Families in Sitges

Surprises for families in Sitges Initially people think of Sitges as a Gay Resort with a hectic nightlife. They wonder if it is the right place for them to take a holiday, especially if they are travelling with families in Sitges. They are truly surprised when they get here. This notion could not be further from…

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