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  1. Carnival is well known for its all round debaucherously, hedonistic and funfilled days of partying. Some people forget Carnival is actually a religious fiesta. Carnival in Sitges marks the last hooray of excesses before the religious period of Lent. (When Jesus Christ spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert). The word carnival actually comes from ‘Farewell to Meat’ or ‘Farewell to Flesh’ – interpret that as you wish!

History of Carnival in Sitges

2. The history of Carnival is over 100 years old. The tradition is strongly tied to the country’s colonial roots, having originated in Trinidad & Tobago. Carnival in Sitges made its way back with folk who had travelled to seek out their fortunes in the Caribbean. Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras are all common names for the festival.

  1. There is a King and Queen of Carnestoltes who arrive on the Thursday of Carnival to announce a period of paryting without limits. This partying last until Ash Wednesday when the burial of Carnestoltes takes place. There is a huge amount of symbolism used during the fiesta not least the burying of a sardine on Ash Wednesday.

Carnival in Sitges reaches everyone

4. During Carnival the King and Queen of Carnestoltes visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc to bring the atmosphere to those who may not be able to get out onto the streets. Everyone lives and enjoys the party atmosphere – and there is no avoiding it!

  1. There are 2 parades during Carnival in Sitges – the kids parade which take place afternoon/evening and the adult’s parade which is a much more nocturnal affair on the parade days of Sunday and Shrove Tuesday.

6. Taking your costume seriously is fundamental to a good carnival experience. Anything goes from raunchy costumes to cartoon figures. Friends get together in groups and dress according to an agreed theme. One thing is for sure – if you want to truly enjoy the spirtit of Carnival you need to get dressed up.

Carnival in Sitges is busy

7. Carnival in Sitges attracts about 300,000 visitors during the days carnival. The largest days to celebrate the parades are the Sunday and the following Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) – these parades are called the Debauchery Parade and the Extermination Parade.

8. Usually by night there are about 50 floats with 2,500 people that make their way around Sitges for the parade with music, dancing and shenanigans in the streets. During the day there is famous bed race through the town.

9. Ash Wednesday is typically a glum affair… most revellers are exhausted from the previous days of partying, but the show goes on and the Sardine (sympbolic for the King of Carnival) must be buried. A hilarious affair usually with mourners in tow (Drag Queens dressed in black) grieving for the Sardine.


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