Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. You and your beloved will tie the knot in front of your friends and family, starting your life together. As you start to plan the day one of the first things on the list should be selecting your wedding venue. Your choice of venue will impact your decorations, catering, music, guest numbers, and so much more. The wedding venue you select will be the backdrop for your day and your memories. More and more people planning a wedding in Spain are selecting an exclusive luxury wedding villa for their special day because they have a unique set of qualities to offer the discerning wedding party.

Privacy when you tie the knot

Your marriage is an intimate affair, and so your wedding venue should offer privacy. A resort or hotel will inevitably have areas of interaction with the general public. At a wedding villa, you control that access and can have your beautiful ceremony surrounded by just those you choose. Your luxury villa will have all the space you need, and all the privacy you demand. From the wonderful moment of the vows, to the end of the celebrations you should be in the company you choose.

A unique space to reflect your personality

Luxury wedding villas come in a range of styles and sizes. Is your perfect wedding venue by the sea, in the mountains, a modern architectural marvel, or a traditional manor house? The villa of your dreams is out there, and it is just a matter of making your selection. The range of facilities, the decorations, the gardens, and the pools should all be 1st class, and you’ll know the one when you see it.  See our range of beautiful wedding villas here.

Villa Casa Nova a popular Wedding Villa

Perfect pictures

You’ll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. The feelings, the emotions, the excitement. Beautiful wedding photographs help to bring all the details of the day back to life.  A wedding villa will offer a range of backdrops, lighting options, textures, and shades.  This will allow your wedding photographer to create a set of memories that you can cherish. The amazing views from the windows, terraces, decks, and gardens of a luxury villa will be the ideal background for your memories. Moreover, the privacy means that the only photo bombers will be that pesky young cousin that your mother made you invite!

Control of every detail

You know what you what, and you deserve to have your special day just the way you have dreamed it. A villa lets you control every service provider and every detail. In a wedding venue, resort, or hotel, there can be restrictions and conditions on who can and cannot provide a range of services. Additionally there are impacts on timings, shared spaces, noise restriction, and other factors that are not in your control. With a luxury villa as your wedding venue, you (with or without a wedding planner) will be able to decide on every wedding service provider and detail to ensure that your day unfolds as you have dreamed from start to finish.

The decorations on a wedding table

Luxury accommodation

Your perfect wedding day should start by waking up in the perfect place. The facilities and capacity of a luxury villa mean that your day can run at the exact pace you require. From an in-villa personal chef cooking a champagne breakfast to a last tan top-up around your private pool before hair and makeup artists arrive only a corridor away. Your wedding party or close family staying in the same accommodation means that you can share the space with those who are most important to you, and no-one else. A luxury villa also offers an enclosed garden with space to move around secure in your privacy.

Your home-away-from-home comforts

A fully stocked kitchen with coffee machine, sun loungers on the terrace, or a Bluetooth stereo playing the songs you first danced to. A luxury villa makes the days around your ceremony comfortable and comforting.

Why a Utopia Villas luxury wedding villa is the perfect solution if you are planning a wedding in Spain

Our wedding villas are in the perfect location

Sitges, Barcelona is a beautiful seaside town just 20 minutes from Barcelona’s international airport. A once traditional fishing town, it has retained its picturesque beauty while becoming a thriving destination holiday. With stunning beaches, restaurants, bars, clubs, natural beauty, and activities galore you and your guests can tie the know in the perfect destination wedding location. Persuading guests to come to Sitges for your destination is not a hard sell; the attraction of this special town has tourists coming from far and wide to sample all that it has to offer.

Sitges has a well-earned reputation as a premier wedding destination, and so has access to excellent quality service providers. The fact that Barcelona is a mere thirty minutes drive away also means that you have access to the service providers of this amazing hub of European culture. Moreover, if your special day won’t be complete without the DJ who was playing the night you met, the international airport is just a twenty-minute drive away and as a major European hub is serviced by low cost and luxury airlines from around the world.

And finally. we find that so many couples choose our beautiful beaches for their photo shoot.

Wedding couple on the beach

We have a wide selection of amazing wedding villas and services

Utopia Villa’s have an unparalleled selection of premium villas for you to use for your location to tie the knot. The wide selection of wedding venues has the perfect fit for any couple.  For the full collection of wedding villas, have a look here.

Our team can arrange introductions to wedding planners, caterers, DJs, photographers, bands, florists, and more in both Sitges and Barcelona. The guest relations team at Utopia Villas are experienced in helping happy couples to have the perfect stay and the perfect day. We’ll take all the guesswork and pain out of planning a wedding in Spain.

A destination wedding in Spain is more than just the day, and our guest relations team know this. We’ll also look after you and your guests for the rest of your stay: In-Villa catering, personal trainers, activities, and tours are just some of the things we can help you to experience during your stay. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out how we can make you day special.

Here are some different types of wedding villas available:

On the seafront of Sitges – Villa Isla Cozumel

A colonial mansion on the seafront of Sitges beach.  With its huge manicured gardens and a gorgeous pool, this is a dramatic backdrop to the most beautiful wedding.  Inside, the villa is refurbished to elegant and lavish standards and there is plenty of space for all.

Wedding Villa Isla Cozumel The huge grounds of Isla Cozumel The large dining room in Isla Cozumel Seafront Views from Isla Cozumel

In amongst the vineyards – Masia Victoria 

For a romantic wedding in the vineyards of Spain, this catalan 15th century Manor is perfect!  It was recently renovated with modern touches, however keeps a lot of its original charming features.  Masia Victoria sleeps up to 28 guests and has the perfect space for a wedding of up to 70 guests.

The Upper floors of this mansion have amazing views over the countryside and the green vineyards below.  Located just a short drive to Sitges, a charming seaside town with restaurants, beaches, shops and everything you could need.

Guests not staying on the property are also just a hop and a skip away from accomodation in other villas that we have in the area.

The huge dining room at Masia Victoria - a perfect wedding villa The beautiful pool at wedding villa, Masia VictoriaGrand wedding villa and colonial mansion - masia victoria  Original features have been restored at wedding villa Masia Victoria

A country manor – Villa Casa Nova

Villa Casa Nova is a popular wedding villa choice.  It combines an old masia charm with contemporary and fresh style.  The villa’s 600 acres of private grounds give you plenty of choice on where to host the ceremony and celebration and you are assured of never ending views over the Garraf National Park all day.

Villa Casa Nova, a popular wedding villa The views from Casa Nova The large dining area at the villa Living area in the wedding villa

A Sitges luxury wedding villa will make your wedding the memory of a lifetime

Choosing the partner to spend the rest of your life with is the most important decision you’ll ever make. We know that having a wedding villa as your wedding venue will give you the day to celebrate that you deserve.

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