Welcome to Utopia Villas

Utopia – any place or society considered to be perfect or ideal

Welcome to the Utopia Villa Experience in Sitges, Barcelona! Staying in a private villa in Sitges is a very “perfect and ideal” choice for those wishing to make the most out of that well deserved break.


The benefits of staying in a Utopia Villa, as opposed to a hotel in Sitges or Barcelona, are numerous: you choose who you spend your holiday with and you don’t run the risk of being bombarded by large groups or noisy neighbours and all the included facilities are for your personal use only.


Supermarkets – Supermercados

Sitges Town Supermarkets There are a number of very good supermarkets in Sitges with extremely convenient opening hours: most are open until 10pm and don’t close for the siesta hours like other shops and stores. The most central to Sitges town is the Mercadona ...Read More

wine, wine, wine…

“WINE comes in at the mouth And love comes in at the eye; That’s all we shall know for truth Before we grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you, and sigh.” WB Yeats   As you ...Read More

Sitges with kids…

Sitges with kids… Sitges is a great place to go with the kids just because when you tire of the beach it is a great town to stroll around with kids. Apart from plenty of entertainment on the streets and practically a fiesta of ...Read More

While in Sitges… just in case…

National Emergency                               112 (equivalent of 999 or 911) Ambulance                                                061 Local Police                                               93 811 00 16 Local Hospital Los Camilos                   93 896 00 25 Fire Brigade                                              085 Centro Medico (C/Espalter, Sitges)     93 894 4605        www.centromedicsitges.com Tourist office     www.sitgestur.cat     93 894 50 04 Local Taxi Service (Miguel)                   671 ...Read More

Fun Dining with kids, teenagers and friends..

Usaka (sushi)/Buenos Aires (argentinian)/Ragazzi (italian).Those 3 restaurants are beside each other in Playa San Sebastian and, apart for being in a great location and having good food, they have the same owner and while having 3 completely separate kitchens you can order from any ...Read More

Formal Dining in Sitges

Never get between a man or woman and his food…Well especially good food!!! We see so many people fall into the tourist trap restaurants and we don’t want that to happen to you… here are some of our best recommendations for Restaurants in Sitges.. ...Read More

Going ‘de Tapas’ in Sitges… a tapear

Going out for tapas or ‘a tapear’ (the Spanish verb derived from tapas), is a quintessentially Spanish way of approaching social life: relaxing, enjoying and sharing food with friends. We know some of the best places in Sitges to go to and we want to ...Read More

Life’s a BEACH!!

Life’s a beach…For such a small town Sitges offers great whack for your stay in terms of beaches!! In the town itself there are 11 beaches to choose from, so which one should you go to…? In general the beaches closer to town are ...Read More